Irish Horse Racing Industry Publications

Indecon Report
Indecon Report July 2012  
Provisional Summaries
Flat Provisional Summary July to October 2014
NH Provisional Summary May to October 2014
Other Publications
Strategic Marketing Group Report (1.9 MB) Report on the actions considered necessary for the improvement of attendance levels at Irish Racecourses.  
Beginners Guide to Racing (2 MB)  
Racing The Irish Way Racing the Irish Way is a beautifully illustrated 100+ page book about the history, traditions and practices of Irish racing which includes a guide to each of our 26 racecourses countrywide.  
Courses for Horses A Guide To Irish Racecourses (4 MB)  
HRI Directives Includes balloting rules, race conditions, prize money calculations  
Fact Books
HRI Factbook 2016
HRI Factbook 2015
HRI Factbook 2014 (5.4 MB)
HRI Factbook 2013 (5.6 MB)
HRI Fact Book 2012 (5.6 MB)  
HRI Fact Book 2011 (5.6 MB)  
HRI Fact Book 2010 (5.9 MB)  
HRI Fact Book 2009 (4.4 MB)  
HRI Fact Book 2008 (5.6 MB)  
HRI Fact Book 2007 (3.8 MB)  
HRI Fact Book 2006 (4.8 MB)  
HRI Fact Book 2005 (2.9 MB)  
HRI Fact Book 2004 (1MB)  
Annual Reports
2015 Annual Report
2014 Annual Report
2013 Annual Report
2012 Annual Report (1.65 MB)  
2011 Annual Report (1.5 MB)  
2010 Annual Report (1.5 MB)  
2009 Annual Report (1.4 MB)  
2008 Annual Report (1.8 MB)  
2007 Annual Report (3.8 MB)  
2006 Annual Report (1 MB)  
2005 Annual Report (1.5 MB)  
2004 Annual Report (936 KB)  
2003 Annual Report (1.14 MB)  
2002 Annual Report (745 KB)  
Other Reports
Racegoers Consultative Forum Report(993 KB)  
Indecon Report JULY 2004 (983 KB)  
2009 Dukes Report (4.4 MB) An analysis of the economic impact of the Irish Thoroughbred Horse Industry (As produced by the Irish Thoroughbred Breeders' Association)  
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