Inward Buyer Programme

The Inward Buyer Programme (IBP) enables overseas purchasers at Irish thoroughbred Sales to claim a contribution towards travel expenses.

Claimants are entitled to a fixed amount, based on the country from which they have travelled:


Great Britain


Europe excluding below 


Czech Republic




South Africa                         






New Zealand


Rest of World


Trainers and bloodstock agents qualify for the contribution, regardless of whether they purchase a horse or not. ITM also contributes to the travel expenses of buyers who purchase privately in Ireland. Contributions are made on a per person/per horse purchased basis.

How to make a claim

Claims are very straightforward, requiring the following documents:

  • Signed IBP claim form
  • Booking confirmation or boarding pass
  • Bank details on bank headed paper if you wish to be paid by bank transfer
  • For private purchases, proof of sale from vendor

There is an ITM desk at all Irish Sales, where claims can be made and documentation provided. Documentation can also be sent to [email protected].

Important information

Claims are made on a per person/per horse basis, i.e. if four people travel to a Sale and two horses are purchased, two claims can be made. The only exception is for trainers or bloodstock agents in the group, as they can claim the contribution regardless of whether a horse is purchased or not.

Claims can be made up to three months after the date of the Sale.

Get in touch with ITM for assistance with your claim or to learn more about our generous incentives. 

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