Claim a contribution

The Inward Buyer Programme (IBP) enables overseas purchasers at the Irish bloodstock sales to claim a contribution towards their travel expenses to that sale.

European trainers and bloodstock agents qualify for the contribution, regardless of whether they purchase a horse or not.

ITM also contributes towards the travel expenses of buyers who purchase privately in Ireland. Contributions are made on a per person/per horse purchased basis.

Claimants are entitled to claim a fixed amount, based on their country of origin.

 Please contact ITM for confirmation on the amount you are entitled to claim, in respect of where you are travelling from.

Claims are straightforward


Claims are very straightforward, a simple form is to be completed, accompanied by the claimants flight/ferry booking confirmation or boarding passes, and in the case of private purchases, proof from the vendor that the sale was completed.

There is an ITM desk at all Irish sales, where buyers and all European bloodstock agents and trainers can fill in the claim form and lodge a copy of their flight/ferry confirmation or boarding passes.

Claims can be lodged up to three months after the date of the sale and will not be accepted after that time.

Inward Buyer Private Purchase 

IBP Terms & Conditions

  • Claim forms and supporting documents should be received within 90 days of the date of purchase
  • One purchaser only per claim form and one claim per horse
  • Proof of travel stating the dates and claimant's name must be provided
  • Bank details must be submitted on a headed bank statement showing the BIC, IBAN, and name and address of the claimant